WELCOME TO WILD SASSABY! - A letter from Jardan

WELCOME TO WILD SASSABY! - A letter from Jardan

By jardan doneghy

WELCOME TO WILD SASSABY! - A letter from Jardan

Hi, I'm Jardan Doneghy- the Artist & Creator of Wild Sassaby,

112 days ago, I would have had no idea that COVID-19 would spark a new purpose in my life. One that would require me to use my talents and creativity to step out on faith.

Although this pandemic has been unnerving- it’s clear to me that God had a huge plan for us all. A plan of reflection- of cleansing, revealing and deep understanding. An awakening of sorts- about ourselves, the world, and the people in our community who we pass by every day, never truly understanding their stories or perspectives.

As I quickly jumped to be at my parent’s aid during the pandemic, it didn’t occur to me that I was embarking on a great new adventure- one of pride and purpose.

And it was from this new pride and purpose that I lightheartedly decided to “paint everyday” to pass the time away. The intention was that if I could use my talents to bring joy to others during a time like this- I would have done my part.

My mother, who like me, is an only child- instilled art in me from a very young age. For as far back as I can remember, I was raised up learning how to use color to express my creativity. Whether it be paint, markers, crayons (the big box), chalk, you name it! My mother allowed me to be free. The name, Wild Sassaby, comes from my first painting, created at age 6 in this very house. Little did I know then, that a little colorful paint would one day birth a movement for positive change.

My childhood friends will tell you that it was in this very house, where you would enter my bedroom and not be able to even see the walls- because I had drawn, collaged, cut posters, and “decorated” EVERY. SQUARE. INCH of the old room. It reached a point where you couldn’t even see the ceiling.

And that’s because I’ve always been obsessed with color and design. Whether it be fashion, travel, art, or brand management- my love for art and visual design has fueled every fire that has brought me to who I am today. 

112 days into quarantine, that yearning for purpose has flourished into a dream realized in the form of Wild Sassaby- an art brand aiming to inspire future generations to reach deep within themselves to find their power.

The debut collection, “Quarantine Dreams”, tells a story of deep-rooted pride, and ancestral sacrifice which sets up our potential to excel in this world. Each piece comes with a message of self-reflection and perseverance.
I’m grateful for the chance that COVID-19 allowed me to return to this home and create again. This time, not to be thrown away with the times, but to be shared with the world- with you- and with girls like me- who grew up with big colorful dreams. ✨ 

Thank you for your support!



  • What a beautiful story. I just heard today on TV from I want to say it was Katie Lee; (maybe someone else) that if you’re doing now what your passion was as a kid, you know you’re walking in the destiny planned for you. So proud of you. You are such an inspiration.

    Debra Kinley on

  • Hi Jardan,
    Your story is truly inspirational.
    As many of us are navigating through the ultimate question ‘what do you want for your life’, you set a living example of pursuing your passion and making dreams come true. The COVID incident is unnerving, creating such anxiety and uncertainty. But you could leverage a negative event and turn it into something so beautiful. It makes me think I shouldn’t keep finding excuses for my procrastination.

    Wish you a great success for the studio. And most importantly, keep having fun and sparking joys for everyone!


    Wendy Zhang on

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