Jardan Doneghy, is an Artist, Designer, and Brand Strategist, originally from Frankfort, Kentucky but currently residing in Atlanta, Georgia. She was raised in art- learning from her Mother, Marjorie Duncan Willis who was a former student of the Art Institute of Chicago and currently creates original work at Duncan Designs Studio.

With a penchant for bright colors, gradients and graphic painting. Jardan’s interest in exploring girlhood, her southern heritage, and traveling the world translates to inspirational to inspire 'Black Girl Bravery'. 

Founder of Wild Sassaby Art Brand, Jardan specializes in creating original pieces, using acrylic paint on canvas, for an array of personal and public spaces. Inspired by her own lineage, made of people, particularly women who 'served and sacrificed to open doors for future generations', the purpose of each piece is to inspire open minds to dream bigger and live more boldly and confidently.

Jardan’s debut Art Collection, Quarantine Dreams, features 15 designs which were all dreamed up during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. Spending many nights quarantined in her childhood home, “317”, each art piece represents a moment on the journey from the past to the infinite future.

The Brand aims to continue creating products and designs that cultivate spaces of bravery.

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"I’m grateful for the chance that COVID-19 allowed me to return to this home and create again. This time, not to be thrown away with the times, but to be shared with the world- with you- and with girls like me- who grew up with big colorful dreams. "